How to Keep Your Windows Clean 

It’s difficult to keep up with chores sometimes, that’s why we forget to clean the other parts of our house, like our windows. Washing or cleaning the windows is a challenging task, but once you put your effort into it, you will find that it’s just easy. The following are our tips for you when it comes to washing or cleaning your windows. But if you have tall and expansive windows, you better call window washing company in Overland Park KS 

 Windows Clean

Clean the Stubborn Stains 

The outside part of your window is more prone to stubborn stains. Factors like bird droppings, water runoff, minerals and other elements can contribute to the build-up of grime and dirt. You can remove these stubborn stains by using a cleaner. You can use a CLR (mineral deposit removing cleaner). Grab a sponge, dampen it with the cleaner and rub it on the stains. Rinse the window and proceed with the other cleaning procedures. You can also clean the stains using pure vinegar. Spray the vinegar on the stain and rub it.  

Remove the Stickers 

If you have children who love to play around the house, then your windows are also victim of their decorating games. Removing the stickers and other sticky substances could be a difficult task. But it could be a little bit easy using a plastic scraper and a spray bottle with water. Just spray the sticker with water and let it sit for 3 to 4 minutes. After that, use the scraper and hold it at 45 degree angle against the window. Gently scrape off the sticker, starting from the bottom then work your way upwards. Wipe the water away using a towel.  

Clean the Screens 

Cleaning the screens is also important because dirt and dust builds up there too. Remove the screens and clean them, and you can do this at least twice a year. Use a vacuum to remove all the dirt and dust. Before you wipe the screen, use a spray it lightly with water using a spray bottle. Get a sponge or clean cloth to wipe the screen. Allow them to air dry before you replace them.  

Rinse the Dirt 

If the outside part of the window is really dirty, you can clean it by rinsing the dirt away using a garden hose. This way, the water pressure will remove the pollutants and grease from the area. If you have a pressure washer, you can also use it but only on low setting.  

Clean the Windows 

You can now proceed with cleaning the glass part of the window. You can make your own cleaning solution or buy one from the store. Grab the sponge, dip to the bucket of your cleaner and wipe the entire window. Get all those corners so you can effectively clean them all. If you have high windows, you can clean it by attaching the squeegee to an extension pole. After cleaning the window, make sure you let it dry.  

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